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Mobile Barcode Scanners

Mobile computers (portable barcode scanners) allow you to easily capture data according to your specific business requirements.  These devices are available in BATCH or REAL-TIME modes.  Mobile computers provide several choices of operating systems (WINDOWS MOBILE, WIN CE, PALM or even DOS) and are available with a wide array of accessories.  RVB Systems Group sells a wide range of mobile computers.  Not sure which portable barcode scanner is best for you???  CALL TODAY to discuss your project and let us recommend the mobile computer / portable barcode scanner that is best suited for your data collection project.

Click on any of the following manufacturer logos for information.  We can provide you with any of the products from these manufacturers at deep discounts. RVB Systems Group is available for on-site installation, training and system development involving any of these products.

Mobile computers from Unitech

Mobile computers from Motorola

Mobile computers from Janam

How does a mobile computer / portable barcode scanner work?

Mobile computers are like desktop and/or laptop computers in that they have an operating system, application software, a keyboard and a display screen.  Typically, mobile computers include an integrated barcode scanner.  Some models also have integrated RFID readers / encoders.  Others have integrated cameras, GPS and/or color touch screens.  The application software prompts a user for information which is either stored on the scanner (BATCH MODE) or sent to some type of database on a LAN (REAL-TIME).  Either method of data storage allows for fast and accurate data entry.

What are the different types of mobile computers / portable barcode scanners?

The major differences in mobile computers are:

  • Operating System - Select DOS, WIN CE or WIN Mobile depending upon your budget and your project's requirements.

  • Scanner Type / Accessories - The scan engines found in a portable barcode scanner mirror the scan engines found in a corded hand-held barcode scanner.  These include CCD for close scanning, standard laser for most applications, long-range laser when you are not able to get closer than a foot to the barcode, and imagers when you need to scan complex 2D barcodes or capture signatures and/or pictures.  Additional accessories include GPS, camera, phone and color touch screens.

  • Connection Type - Batch or Real-Time.  You can generally save money if you do not require 802.11b,d,g radio or GPRS (3G network) support. Batch devices allow you to capture information on a portable scanner, then download that information to a PC at a later time.  Real-time data capture involves 2 way communications - when you pull the trigger, a database is updated with the data captured.

How do I connect my mobile computer / portable barcode scanner to my PC or network?

If you are using a BATCH type of portable barcode scanner, it can only be connected using a cable.  The most common type of cable connection is a USB cable.  A communications program must be running on the PC to interface with the portable scanner.  This is typically Microsoft's ActiveSync program.

If you need wireless connectivity, you can select between Bluetooth, WiFi or 3G/4G network options.

Still not sure which type of mobile computer / portable barcode scanner is best for you???  CALL TODAY to discuss your project and let us recommend the portable barcode scanner that is best suited for your data collection requirements.


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