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Thermal Printer Replacement Heads

RVB Systems Group now represents Gulton, America's only manufacturer of thermal printheads.  Gulton's printheads are guaranteed to work with your thermal printer

Printhead Pricing

  • Unequaled abrasive life of 100 kilometers is up to four times as long as the rated wear life of our largest competitors.

  • Unequaled thermal life of 100 million pulses, once again twice the stated pulse life of our largest competitors.

  • "One hundred percent dot duty cycle." Provides the user with the capability of addressing all elements for the highest clarity, print accuracy, and reproduction.

  • Gold wire bonds versus pressure contact between printed circuit board and substrate for greater signal integrity.

  • Hard black epoxy and/or silicon clear coating protects gold wire bonds and sensitive electronic circuitry against moisture and harsh environments.

thermal printer printheads

We also provide GENIUNE thermal print-heads for all major printer manufacturers.  Please call us at (919) 362-5211 for pricing. 

Not sure which print head is best for you???  CALL TODAY to discuss your project and let us recommend the printer that is best suited for your printing needs.