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RFID Tags / Labels
RFID Software RVB Systems Group provides UHF RFID tags from Confidex.  Confidex is the world's leading supplier of high-performing contactless ticketing and RFID tag solutions and services to make to make supply chains, transactions and authentication of goods and people more efficient and secure.  Enabled for FCC frequency (902 - 928 MHz) for tags and 860-960 MHz for labels, Confidex tags and labels are available already encoded with unique ID numbers or you can encode them yourself.
Part Name Type Special Features Range Price
IronSide TAG Rugged, on-metal tag 20-23 feet


Halo TAG Light weight, on-metal tag 16-23 feet $CALL
Survivor TAG All purpose 26-39 feet $CALL
Steelwave Micro TAG On-metal for indoor applications. Smallest UHF tag (available w/ Monza or Higgs IC) 9.8 / 13 feet $CALL
SteelBit TAG Small on-metal for IT asset management.  Personalization available 9.8 feet $CALL
SteelByte TAG Small on-metal for IT asset management w/ extended memory  Personalization available 13 feet $CALL
SteelWing LABEL Unique on-metal label.  Works on other surfaces also. 26-32 feet $CALL
Carrier LABEL Plastic crate label 13-16 feet $CALL
Pino LABEL Optimized for wooden crates / pallets / furniture applications 10-13 feet $CALL
Casey LABEL General purpose polyester labels 13-19 feet $CALL
RFID Stock Labels
RFID labels from RVB Systems Group RVB Systems Group provides RFID enabled THERMAL TRANSFER labels which can be encoded using RFID printer / encoders.  These labels are provided on rolls (or fan-fold) and are available in several different sizes and configurations.  Note: labels are provided un-encoded and are only available in full rolls.  All labels shown are in stock and ready to ship.  Sorry - NO RETURNS FOR RFID LABELS.
RFID label prices