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Thermal Printer Ribbons
RVB Systems Group is proud to provide our clients with premium thermal transfer ribbons manufactured by IIMAK in the USA.

IIMAK is the world's largest thermal ribbon manufacturing company. IIMAK thermal transfer ribbons are available for a broad range of applications and printers. IIMAK ribbons come in over 40 colors, with formulas ranging from wax to midrange to resin, including color and near edge ribbons.   RIBBON TROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDE FROM IIMAK


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RVB Systems Group is a national distributor for the complete line of IIMAK thermal transfer ribbons. Click on any of the IIMAK product links listed below to view its datasheet (Acrobat PDF format).

IIMAK's patented printhead cleaning leader CleanStart can save your printheads!!! 

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If you are already using IIMAK ribbons, compare our prices with those of your current distributor. If you are using another brand ribbon, contact us for a free sample roll. Please specify the printer type and model as well as the ribbon formula requested.  Additionally, we can provide label / ribbon matching services and compound recommendations. We understand our customers' need to lower the overall cost of a labeling project while at the same time receiving 1st class service and technical experience. Take a look at our sample prices and give us a call today. We think you will like what see.


Premium Wax Ribbons - IIMAK's general purpose wax products offer an economical choice for general purpose tag and labeling applications, including shipping, warehousing, retail, textile, and apparel. They have a lower melt point which results in longer print head life. Wax ribbons typically contain a high percentage of wax-based materials. These materials contribute to the melting point of the ribbon, which affects the amount of energy necessary to print. Since the waxes we use, in general, have lower melting points than the resins used, printing with wax ribbons typically requires less energy than printing with wax/resin or resin ribbons. Since most waxes used tend to be softer than the resins used, image durability for wax ribbons is typically less than that of wax/resin and resin ribbons. Most wax ribbons are made up of only one layer.

  • SW200 - Standard Wax Ribbon w/ CleanStart. SW200 is a new economical formula which can help cut your labeling budge.
  • High Mark - Premium Resin Enhanced Black Wax Ribbon w/ CleanStart. The main benefit of High Mark is it prints at lower energy settings, which can extend printhead life.
  • GP725 - GP725 generally can replace other waxes with no printer adjustment, making it an ideal choice when the user is unwilling or unable to make printer changes.  Anti-static, ideal for RFID.
  • Fast Wax - Premium High Speed Black Wax Ribbon (for upto 12" per second print speeds)

Premium Wax / Resin Ribbons - IIMAK's premium wax / resin blend ribbons are the best choice if you need greater smudge and scratch resistance on paper or synthetic labels. Additionally, these ribbons provide an improved print image. Wax / resin ribbons work by combination of absorption and bonding with the substrate. Wax/resin ribbons typically contain higher percentages of resinous materials. These materials contribute to a higher melting point of the ribbons. Printing with these ribbons typically requires more energy than printing with wax ribbons. Since most resins used tend to be harder than the waxes used, image durability (and some chemical resistance) for wax/resin ribbons is typically greater than that of wax ribbons. Most wax/resin ribbons are made up of two or more layers.

  • Prime Mark - Premium Black Wax / Resin Ribbon w/ CleanStart
  • PM-308 - Premium Black Wax / Resin Ribbon approved for RFID encoders w/ CleanStart
  • PM-350 - Premium Black Wax / Resin Ribbon (can be used on wider range of label types) w/ CleanStart
  • R2 Prime - Chemical Resistant Black Wax / Resin Ribbon 

Premium Resin Ribbons - IIMAK's premium resin ribbons are for harsh environment labeling and offer superior image qualities on synthetic and coated labels. These ribbons offer excellent resistance to chemicals, heat and abrasion. Resin ribbons work by forming a chemical bond with the substrate. Resin ribbons typically contain the highest percentages of resinous materials. Printing with these ribbons typically requires more energy than printing with either wax or wax/resin ribbons. Since most resins used tend to be harder than the waxes used, the higher levels of these resins contribute to the excellent durability and chemical resistance for resin ribbons. Most resin ribbons are made up of two or more layers.

  • SP-330 - Premium Black Resin Ribbon w/ CleanStart
  • SP-575 - Ultra Premium Black Resin Ribbon w/ CleanStart

Near Edge Technology (NET) Printer Ribbons - IIMAK's near-edge ribbons are specially designed for newer "near edge" technology printers.

  • Net Mark IQ - Premium Black Wax / Resin Ribbon for Near Edge Printers
  • Net Flex - Premium Black Wax / Resin Ribbon w/ Anti-Static formula for Near Edge Printers
  • Net Resin - Premium Black Resin Ribbon for Near Edge Printers

Color Ribbons - Often, manufacturers and distributors need to identify things at a glance. Employees may need to quickly see what date something was manufactured or received on, where an item was manufactured, or what product line an item belongs to. It can also be important to differentiate between sizes of particular items.  This is where color comes in. Color can be a powerful tool when combined with thermal transfer printing. Printing color tags and labels assure quick visual recognition for coding, stocking, tracking, or retrieving merchandise. Additionally, printing color on-demand reduces the inventory and cost of pre-printed labels. And of course, color is a great marketing tool. Logos and special events or promotions can be incorporated into the tag or label format to bring attention to that item.

Scannable Colors

Good for all conditions
(red & infared)
Midnight Blue
Forest Green
May Pass for visible
light scanners
Dark Blue

Royal Blue
Shamrock Green

Additionally, RVB Systems Group provides GENUINE INTERMEC & ZEBRA LABELS AND RIBBONS.  Contact us today for a quote on these items.